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Sunflower Early Learning Academy

Promoting Quality And Diversity In All Programming

Developing Positive Self-Image, And Sense of Independence

Safe Learning Environment, With Highly-Qualified Teachers And Staff

A Good Foundation Starts In The Early Years of Life.

The early years are crucial for the development of a secure emotional attachment and the skills that help children succeed in life. These foundational skills are not only important for a successful transition to school, but also for later academic achievement and social adjustment.  Early foundational learning is critical for a child's later learning. In fact, a strong early learning foundation is the ladder to ensure a future where they can adapt and thrive. One cannot fully discover a child's full potential if one only emphasizes on completing the set curriculum and content.  That’s why SELA understands the importance of learning for the “whole child”.

We also believe that every child needs and deserves the best possible environment to grow in, right from their very first months. For this reason, we only hire excellent teachers and have designed an outstanding curriculum of activities suitable for every age group that we welcome.

At Sunflower Early Learning Academy, your little one is in great hands! Why not come and see it for yourself and book a tour of our wonderful facility?

Our Chicago daycare center Sunflower Early Learning Academy provides quality child care for ages 6 weeks to 5 years in Edgebrook, Lincolnwood, and surrounding areas.

Our experienced, trained staff and CEO boast over 20 years of early childhood experience, which means we're in a great position to provide a safe, nurturing environment that puts play at the core of learning.

And because our staff knows that children develop and learn at different levels, you can rest assured that your little one will receive a bespoke program that is aimed at preparing them for grade school and beyond.

Development of children at Sunflower Early Learning Academy Edgebrook- Chicago Daycare.
Kindergarten Classroom
Young Students

Sunflower Early Learning Academy caters to the whole child.

Art Class Girl at Sunflower Early Learning Academy Edgebrook- Chicago Daycare.

Sunflower Early Learning Academy's vision is to be the premier provider of quality childcare for infants, pre-school, and school-age children. The Company specializes in developing a unique blend of fun and learning in a safe and nurturing state-of-the-art environment.

The following chart outlines Sunflower Early Learning Academy's major services, along with a description of each category.

Creative Curriculum at Sunflower Early Learning Academy Edgebrook- Chicago Daycare.

Creative Curriculum

Provides a safe environment for parents to keep their children while they work, attend school, or run errands.


Multilanguage Immersion at Sunflower Early Learning Academy Edgebrook- Chicago Daycare.


Early development of bilingual skills.


I am moving, I am learning at Sunflower Early Learning Academy Edgebrook- Chicago Daycare.

I Am Moving, I Am Learning (IMIL)

Preparing pre-school children for
Kindergarten curriculum and beyond.




Cultural Enrichment at Sunflower Early Learning Academy Edgebrook- Chicago Daycare.

Cultural Enrichment

Early development of global mindset.


Reading Readiness at Sunflower Early Learning Academy Edgebrook- Chicago Daycare.

Reading Readiness

Early development of literacy.






Mobile Technology Labs at Sunflower Early Learning Academy Edgebrook- Chicago Daycare.

Mobile Technology Lab

Parents can access their child's progress throughout the day from the app.



We Believe in Academic Foundation, Nourishment of Knowledge, and Future Success of your Child.

To grow best, sunflowers need full sun. They grow best in fertile, moist, well-drained soil with heavy mulch.  Just as sunflowers need sun and fertile earth; children need a foundation, being nourished with knowledge so that they can learn and flourish to the best of their ability and for future success.

SELA believes that encouraging thinking ability in different situations is a key to children’s success. To achieve this, we ensure that the center provides for a safe learning environment, with highly-qualified teachers and staff, to give children and their families the opportunity to gain experiences that will help them grow physically, cognitively, socially, emotionally, and morally.









Children safely exploring and producing their learning as individuals and members of a community.


S.E.L.A. Collaborates with parents and other community members to provide support and better learning experiences for the children.


S.E.L.A. Creates an environment where children feel that they are respected as individuals, where their ideas are heard, and where mistakes are transformed to learning experiences instead of a step towards failure.

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?


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Jennifer H.

 I have never felt anything but love and compassion from the staff there. You are greeted every morning with a smile and each staff member greets your child by name, and when you leave everyone tells you to have a nice day. It's a very welcoming atmosphere.

Michelle T.

The owners of this center impressed me as people who are not just running a business, but truly care for the welfare of the children they are entrusted too. It is apparent when not only do the owners, but also the staff, know and greet each child by name, but the parents by name as well. Smiles and hugs abound each morning and evening. 

Kevin A.

The center and all the teachers have always been very warm and caring to our daughter. The owner or a teacher greet us at the door everyday and are genuinely excited to see her when she arrives. She loves going to school and her education is obviously growing. We feel that a lot of her advanced emotional and social development is from this nurturing and learning environment.

National Association For The Education of Young Children - Testimonial one at Sunflower Early Learning Academy Edgebrook- Chicago Daycare.
National Early Childhood Program Accreditation - Sunflower Academy- Chciago Daycare
Early Learning & Knowledge Center - Sunflower Academy - Chicago Daycare
ExcelRate Illinois - Sunflower Early Learning Academy Edgebrook- Chicago Daycare.
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