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Grow at Sunflower Early Learning Academy

School Life

At Sunflower Early Learning Academy, we strive to make play and learning an awesome experience for children and provide memories that will last a lifetime.  With a huge variety of supervised activities, opportunities, and experiences they'll gain during our preschool, after-school, and summer programs- your child will learn the life skills and independence required today to achieve success for tomorrow.

Infant Program at Sunflower Early Learning Academy Edgebrook- Chicago Daycare
Infant Program

Our infant program focuses on your child's individual schedule. We build on language and developmental skills, as well as track growth and development throughout all milestones.

Toddlers at Sunflower Early Learning Academy Edgebrook- Chicago Daycare

This program will challenge and develop all toddlers on the move. Sensory concepts, such as sight, sound, and touch, are activities for learning to connect young minds to the word around them. Through these concepts, children become fully engaged in learning through fun experiences.​​

Pre-School/Pre-Kindergarten at Sunflower Early Learning Academy Edgebrook- Chicago Daycare

We introduce tactile activities, such as the understanding of top-to-bottom and left-to-right. These are fun teaching activities that will prepare our young ones to pre-reading, writing, and comprehension. S.E.L.A. provides a balance of interactions in individual small and large group learning experiences. Children will learn how to problem solve during conflicts in a positive way with their peers. Communicating in a nice voice and using proper words. Teachers teach and model good relationships between adults and peers, focusing on respect and caring The outdoor and indoor gross motor is designed to help children workout their growing bodies. Teachers incorporate in the daily curriculum activities for stimulating large muscle development.

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