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COVID-19 Protocols and Preventions

Sunflower Early Learning Academy is striving to keep children healthy and safe and to support their learning and development in our school. Strong infection control policies are not new to child care, but the current pandemic requires many new procedures and policies pursuant to guidance from public health experts to protect the health of children, staff, and their families. In addition, limiting the spread of COVID-19 requires continued social distancing, which means that children and staff need to be in stable groups that are smaller than those normally permitted. We are following all the guidelines and restrictions that were mandated by DCFS Licensing, CDC, and Public Health Department.  We are implementing safety precautions within the center by the following guidelines:


  • Staff shall take the temperature of parents, legal guardians or other persons bringing a child to the day care center upon arrival. Individuals with a temperature 100.4 F or higher shall be sent home. (If your child or any person dropping off the child has a fever, the child will be sent home)


  • Children must have a change of shoes in their cubbies


  • Children must have a second mask for the center: A mask will be provided for indoor use.


  • Perform daily health checks for all children, caregivers, staff, and visitors including:


                         - Symptom checks – persons who display signs of illness must not enter the facility

                         - Temperature checks – persons with a fever of 100.4O F or above must not be admitted

  • Children displaying symptoms of illness after being admitted into the center must be picked up IMMEDIATELY and may not return to the center until 72 hours after there is no longer any signs of illness and must have a doctor’s note before being allowed to return

  • Frequently sanitize all high-touch surfaces as recommended in CDC guidance

  • Require face coverings:

                           - In hallways and when entering/exiting the facility for all persons over age 2

                           - In classrooms for children over age 2 to the extent practicable

                           - In classrooms for staff (masks or face shields)


                           - During outdoor play, face coverings for children and staff are optional

  • Require physical examinations for children and staff as per licensing guidelines


  • A 60-day grace period will be allowed for obtaining documentation of physicals (30 days for new staff)


  • For the first 4 weeks of operation, Sunflower Early Learning Academy will operate with reduced group sizes:


                            - Limited per room to serving 8 infants, 10 children in all other age groups

                            - Have at least 50 square feet per child 2 years and older

  • Add a minimum of 4 square feet—beyond regular licensing requirements—of sleeping space per child; for infants and toddlers to ensure cribs and cots can be placed 6 feet apart

  • 8 infants, 10 toddlers, 10 two-year-old, 10 children ages 3-5 (limited to 10 children in programs; changing participants week-by-week)

  • Ratios will remain the same as per licensing regulations

  • Parents, legal guardians or authorized persons are permitted entrance to day care upon drop-off and pick-up but not permitted access to the classroom

  • Parents, legal guardians, or authorized persons must wear mask when dropping-off or picking-up their children

  • SELA close at 6:00 pm. Please be on time or a late charge of $1.00 per minute will be charged. Late charges must be paid at the time of pick-up and this will be your 1st warning. After the 1st warning, the second occurrence will result in your child being suspended until a parent meeting is held. This is to ensure the safety of the school, children and staff.

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