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Tips for Managing Childhood Separation Anxiety at Daycare

Having kids will be one of the greatest joys of your lifetime. However, nothing great is without adversity. There are several growing pains that you need to know about that happen at every stage of parenthood.

One of the first big ones happens when it's time to go back to work and send your child to daycare for the first time. This can create intense separation anxiety in your child since they are used to having you around all the time.

So what should you know about this, and what separation anxiety remedies can help? We've got you covered.

The tips below will assist your child with the childhood separation anxiety that comes with sending them to daycare.

Ease Them Into it and Schedule Multiple Visits

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your child's independence. Rather than expecting to rip the Band-Aid off, you should ease your child into this new life change.

Schedule multiple visits to the daycare business before you have to go back to work, and introduce them to all of the caretakers. Give them time to socialize and spend time with other kids that will soon become their friends.

Start dropping them off little by little, for short periods of time. You might even leave your child at the daycare for a half-hour to an hour at first and then work your way up.

You can even take a virtual tour of many daycare facilities so that your child can see the facility and activities and start getting excited about going.

Have a Pickup Plan Early On

Expect your child to have some resistance at first. Because of this, you should also be mentally prepared to get a phone call from the daycare that your child is having trouble.

When you plan for this, you'll know to be by your phone, and will make provisions to get away from work or your obligations to either go pick them up or give them a pep talk. Plan to be patient through this process so that your child has time to grow little by little.

Build Their Autonomy and Responsibility in Other Parts of Life

At this point in their lives, you can also begin giving your child some chores and responsibilities so that they can begin gaining independence. Adding chores and duties to your child's life will make them feel like a vital part of the family and they will relish growing up and maturing.

These effects will carry over into going to daycare as well. While mom and dad go to work, your child will become comfortable with the fact that going to daycare is their new 9-to-5.

Help Them Through Some Anti-Anxiety Strategies

Pay careful attention to the signs of anxiety in your child's life as a whole, and not just as it is related to going to daycare. When you know the signs of an anxious child, you can help them through it holistically.

Everything from breathing exercises to making sure they get more sleep at night can help with this.

Work Through Childhood Separation Anxiety

Childhood separation anxiety is a natural thing that happens as your child grows up and becomes more independent. Half the battle with this is choosing a daycare business that will provide the care and attention that your child requires.

Sunflower Learning Academy will be happy to help you and your child with this transition. Take time out to contact us online, or call us up at (708)669-7236.


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